Silver American Eagles - The way to Not purchase Fake American Silver Eagle Coins

Coin fraud can be a reality. However just take these easy steps and you'll learn how to identify and avoid buying fake American Silver Eagle coins.
The easiest and best means of avoiding being a victim of coin fraud is by accumulating familiarity with what a genuine coin seems like then applying some common sense. If a coin just doesn't "look right" don't buy it.

Check the Weight with the Silver Eagle

Many fraudulent coins don't weigh just like an actual coin. Genuine silver eagles weigh 31.101 grams. When the coin weighs pretty much than this amount don't purchase it because coin weight is one thing that almost all forgers consistently get wrong.
american eagles
Will the American Silver Eagle Use a Reeded Edge?

All silver eagles have reeded edges. Should you ever see one without reeding it is most likely a fake Chinese silver coin. And if it really is reeded however, there is a seam across the edge of the coin avoid purchasing it.

What is the Date of the Coin?

Look at the date. Amazingly enough, any Chinese Silver Eagle forgeries are dated 1906. The United States mint first started producing these coins four decades later. The wrong date does not mean it's a rare error. This means it's really a forgery.

How Does the Coin Look?

Silver coins have beautiful luster and sharp relief. In the event the coin you consider hiring is dull and grey it is not an authentic silver coin. Some higher quality forgeries are silver plated. However, should you take a look at these under a magnifying glass you'll either see tiny locations where missed being plated (check between the reeding as well as in the crevices with the coin) and will also possess a soapy look.

How can the Coin Sound?

Finally, in the event you carefully tap a silver coin with another coin you will hear a distinctive bell-like ring. Should you support the coin involving the tips of one's fingers, tap it, and it constitutes a tinny sound that seems like "dink" it's certainly not silver.

One method to safely purchase Silver Eagle coins is simply by buying them on eBay. You'll find some very nice deals and protect yourself by first checking the seller's rating - the more positive feedback the higher.

Also, when buying at eBay, always carefully read the description of the items you need to buy before bidding on it. And, for those who have any questions, make sure to send an e-mail towards the seller and obtain your questions and concerns answered before buying.